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Analysis -- Additional Materials for Volume IV Small MSAs 

This section of the web site contains charts and graphs to accompany Volume IV. Volume IV is an analysis of Small Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), especially the 10 with the highest growth in adjusted Median Family Income (MFI) between 1990 and 2010. (Small MSAs are those that were more than 50,999 and less than 250,000 in 2010 population.)

Each chart and table will provide data for our top 10 MSAs (those with the highest adjusted MFI growth, 1990 to 2010) and compare that to the Minimum (MN), Low normal point (LNP = average - standard deviation), Median (MD), High normal point (HNP = average + standard deviation), and Maximum (MX) for all Mid-Small MSAs. On each chart, we put a box around the "normal range," defined as low normal to high normal. The LW range is from MN to LNP; the LN range is from LNP to MD -- it includes the LNP. Similarly HI is from MX to HNP; HN is from HNP to MD and includes the HNP.

Theory would suggest that our top 10 should be outside the normal range, and all in the same direction - either all above or all below. But most data items do NOT follow that pattern.



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